Since inception of the project in 2009, we have independently originated and presented almost 100 long and short-form dramas on stage and since 2014 we have also moved into digital film productions of our work to ensure posterity for the material.

Use of production transcripts from our large catalogue for stage and film presentation by other companies are available now (see 'Screenstage Transcripts' page).

We are committed to the development of drama and meeting the needs of the theatre and digital film community. Dedicated and sincere enthusiasts and non-academics as well as pre-professionals, innovative students, graduates and under-graduates who wish to pursue or select intensive education in acting, creative writing, stage/film craft or related opportunities to perform in one of our drama productions - this is where to come.

Here at Screenstage Studios we aim to produce and develop creative, enthusiastic and visionary people who will be trained, developed and guided towards becoming recreational, semi-professional or professional actors, directors or playwrights. All professional skills acquired, learned primarily through formal training in class, are developed towards performance. 

We offer comprehensive development within an accessible but stringent framework designed to address all aspects of the skills necessary to succeed in the world of performing arts. Our uniquely flexible courses allow us to respond to the ever-changing needs of the creative individual.  

Screenstage Studios is comprised of skilled and experienced, highly professional and friendly staff who are also active in Direction, Writing and Production areas. 

(Minimum age 18 years. Please note - we do not engage in musical theatre - drama only)

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