In 2009 this project began with completion of the play Tether End about a talented young writer being destroyed by his demons through alcoholism. It was performed in January 2010.One year later this was followed by a major 150-minute production Another Road, highlighting the devastating economic impact of the UK coalition government's austerity programme on a working class street and its inhabitants.

In 2012 we took our first foray into using digital film along with live performance in Regret, which dealt with the obscene blight of homelessness in 21st Century Britain. More productions followed including The Fault Line (tackling domestic abuse) which was documented by STV in two special television features including a 30 minute conversation with the writer/director and a representative from Womens Aid.

A Silent Shore movingly portrayed the final period in the life of a young man dying of cancer (which will return to the stage in 2018) and many others including a powerful drama Limbo which took as its subject matter the plight of three people in WTC1 in a lift above the impact zone on 9/11. In 2017 a showcase of short dramas - Resonate - played three exceptionally well-received performances at the Edinburgh Fringe.

In 2018 Screenstage Studios presented three major productions at the Edinburgh Fringe. Blind Eye - a powerful and unflinchingly authentic drama set in the 1970s with the impact of the content still being felt today, and Barbed Wire Tongue, a comedy drama with Henry Campbell - which brings incendiary standup pioneer Lenny Bruce back to life in 2018 - tackling a myriad of contentious issues. Both ran for five consecutive late-night performances respectively at The Stand's New Town Theatre.

A showcase of new short dramas Compelled was staged on August 17/18 in the popular Woodland Creatures venue in Leith Walk. Since then we've produced the major factual film drama on child abuse/police corruption To Sin By Silence as well as a series of well-received new and original audio dramas. All of these are from original scripts - and many more are now being made available for purchased lease, presentation and production by other theatre and film companies upon application. For more detailed information please email:

Fuller synopses on each title are available upon enquiry - please contact Screenstage at the above email address - thank you

FERAL: 1f. A highly-charged, ferocious, physical monologue

MY SHORT SKIRT: 1f. Short physical monologue, assertive woman

SNOW JOB: 2m. How a deceptive con-man steals another's ID

A CULTURAL ENIGMA: 1f. Immigrant woman's problems with new dialect

THE TOXIC FANTASY: 1f. One woman's take on joining ISIS

C’EST LA VIE: 1f. Physical monologue of urban London female's attitude to life

ACT OF CONTRITION: 2m. A man comes to confession with a dark secret

SMOOTHIE: 1m 2f. A hangover which results in a shock next morning

PEOPLE FORGET: 1f. Monologue in 5 parts on early-onset Alzheimers

ALONE: 1m or 1f. Monologue on loneliness

ON THE PULL: 1m or 1f. Monologue on meeting a potential new partner

UMILIARE: 1f. How humiliation can lead to desperate measures

VOX POP: 3m 2f. A play built around mobile phone calls

FALLING APART: 1f. The desolation of poverty on a once-proud woman

AFTERWARDS: 2m. A man meets God following his fatal road accident


ACTING UP: 1m. Monologue of life as an actor in the present day

VEILED THREAT: 1f. A Muslim woman discusses why she covers her face

FRANKLY, BRIAN: 1m. A London lad discusses religious zealots

A HAPPY FAMILY: 2f, 1m. An unusual mother, father and daughter scenario

GOING FAST: 1f. Why this woman declines to attend a funeral

RENT FOR RENT: 1m. A male rentboy explains his idiosyncratic lifestyle

FERAL: 1m. A hyper-fit enigmatic male in a powerhouse performance piece

YOUR MOVE: 1m, 1f. Two people play chess and engage in a very odd scenario

ONE OVER ON SISYPHUS: 2f, 1m. A story in a home for mentally ill persons

ABU MARK: 1m. A war correspondent reveals a shocking incident

REGRET: 7m. Seven males describe how they became homeless

ASSUMPTION:  1f, 1m. An elderly woman meets a hooded young man.

THAT’S LOVE: 1f. What relationship love means to this young woman

THE DAY I MET FRANKIE: 1f or 1m. The impact of meeting 'Frankie' on her/him

GUILTY PARTY: 1f, 1m. A couple celebrate some months together, when he asks her several important questions. The result and her response leads towards a unexpectedly shocking denoument for both.

DOMINO: 1f. A dominatrix assertively expresses her views on the relevance of her profession.

KILSHEENLAN BAY: 1m. An Irish man in 1939 decides it is time to depart his many years of drinking and futility in London and return home.

SHARK: 1m, 1f. A young woman is brutally threatened by a vicious loan shark

MA BABY: 1f. A mother describes life with her Downs Syndrome daughter

DESTRUERE: 1m. An eloquent Irish alcoholic's ode to the bottle

MY BROKEN HEART: 1f. How one phone call can destroy a person's happiness

CAUGHT IN TRAFFIC: 1f. The horror of a sex-trafficked young woman

TIED UP AT THE MOMENT: 1m, 1f. A captor taunts his tormented captive

RADICALISED: 1m, 1f. The parents of a radicalised son explain how it feels

DIAMOND GEEZER MONOLOGUES: 1m. London-dialect take on modern life

252 DAYS: 1f. The experience of a first-time female prisoner in the UK

ANGEL: 1f. A charge nurse is placed in an impossible moral dilemma

SHAZ & CHEMS: 1f. A junkie's relentlessly failed attempts to get clean

SPARKY HARRIS ON THE LAM: 1m. A recalcitrant recidivist charmer

MEMORY HOTEL: 1f, 3m. Helen has died .. but she awakes in her open coffin

PIRATE: 1f. A compelling tale from a homeless mother

BARBED WIRE TONGUE: 1m. 1960s standup Lenny Bruce as he might be now in a live stage comedy performance

SNAFU: 1m.  A powerful monologue from an ex-soldier with PTSD

WOMAN TO WOMEN: 1f. A declaration for independent women everywhere

BE MY FRIEND: 1m, 2f. A woman buys a new male robot as a loving partner

QUACK: 2m. A doctor meets his irascible unkempt new patient

SOME CONSIDERABLE DISTANCE FROM REALITY’S DOOR 2m. A controversial writer/director appears on a late-night tv programme to discuss his life

GOOD AS YOU: 2m. A gay man's relationship with a bi-man comes to an end

THE LAST BUN: 1m, 1f. A mature married couple discuss health options

BUS STOP: 3m. A short piece. Three men encounter one another at a bus stop

A&E: 3m, 1f. An angry and injured, highly harassed businessman is furious at being kept waiting in the A&E department of a city hospital

THE FAULT LINE: 1f, 1m. A devastatingly powerful play about domestic abuse

VANISHED: 4m, 3f. An unusual play with one non-speaking male and 5 voice-only cast members - a young man mysteriously disappears

IT'S GETTING DARK: 1m, 1f. A bohemian American woman is lying outside on the ground of an industrial property when she is approached by a security guard. A momentous event is about to take place which they decided to share together.

MS Part 1 and 2: 2f. Two separate monologues on female empowerment and a strong statement of both astonishment and resolve at contemporary world issues.

CROSSING THE LINE: 1f. A monologue from a desperately distraught widowed mother.

BLIND EYE: 2m. Set in 1979 in a Leeds police station, a young man is interviewed by a gruff CID officer over what is believed was a racially-motivated murder of a black man. However, all is not what it seems.

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