This a major new project planned for Screenstage Studios and any financial input from interested parties or sponsors would be most welcome. 

It is planned to present this drama as a stage play on the theatre stage - and additionally in an extended full-length version as a digital film production.


To Sin By Silence is set in 1979 in a police station in Leeds, West Yorkshire. A young man is about to be interviewed by a CID Detective Sergeant concerning the brutal killing of a 45-year old black male. The police strongly believe this was a heinous, racially-motivated attack and that the culprit, Michael Gallagher did indeed commit the murder. However despite DS John Pearce's unorthodox and highly pressurised approach in seeking a confession, Gallagher strongly denies the charge and indeed forcefully dismisses all accusations of racism. The confrontation between the pair concludes with a deeply shocking statement by Gallagher which completely wrong-foots the seasoned police officer. 

This is followed by the arrival of the brutal and notorious DC Des MacIntyre who applies his own highly personal vendetta approach towards Gallagher, in the process scornfully dismissing all of the suspect's plausible responses. This secondary  hostile collision ends with a stunned MacIntyre requiring to speak in private to his colleague before the highly dramatic conclusion.


The film version will be as above, but with a visual narration segment between scenes, and a substantial additional series of scenes to follow. Sorry not to offer more information than that, but the serious content requires the element of shock and surprise!