To help fund this important filmed drama-documentary, Screenstage Studios has set up an arrangement with Crowdfunder to seek financial investment from interested individuals willing to offer payments in return for 'Rewards'. 

Please click on the link below to find out more - your help would be enormously welcome - or perhaps you could pass this information on to friends, family or colleagues who might be in a position to assist - thank you.

This a major new project planned for Screenstage Studios and any financial input from interested parties or sponsors would be most welcome. It is planned to present this drama in an extended full-length version as a digital film production.


A full-length drama documentary based on real events. A gruff Detective Sergeant, John Pearce working alongside maverick officer DS Jack MacIntyre have captured and sedated a possible murder suspect in an effort to gain a confession and in so doing obtain a ‘result’ for the CID section of West Yorkshire Police. They have taken the suspect, a well-educated young man, Michael Gallagher, to an undisclosed location in an effort to force an admission of guilt. The crime, Pearce believes, was racially-motivated, as the victim, Paul Dunleevy Phillips, was a 45 year old black male.

Under severe duress, Gallagher offers a detailed outline of his version of events leading to the demise of Phillips, and which he will later claim was accidental. Once Pearce, through unorthodox interrogation techniques, secures this confession of sorts – both he and his aberrant colleague MacIntyre - will be wrong-footed as Gallagher declares vehemently that the violence was not borne from racism, but as revenge for a horrifying and deeply shocking incident. A secondary hostile collision ends with a stunned MacIntyre requiring to speak in private to his colleague before the highly dramatic conclusion. The film will have a visual narration segment between scenes, and a substantial additional series of scenes to follow.

To Sin By Silence deals with an unprecedented chain of events involving revelations of violence, systemic child abuse, conspiracy and corruption within the entertainment world, the police, the judiciary and high-level politics. 

Below is the initial short trailer >