FRIDAY 22 NOVEMBER 2019  WEBSTERS PLAYHOUSE 416 Great Western Road (opposite Kelvinbridge Subway) Glasgow G4 9HZ
Tickets: £6/£4 concessions (ID may be required for concessions) 


ACTORS NEEDED: Must be experienced, proficient and talented and willing to work towards performance on  22 November 2019.

Send your details (cv, showreel link and recent head shot) to: email@screenstage.net

STRONG LANGUAGE will be a word-based performance art production. An oral art that focuses on the aesthetics of word play such as intonation and voice inflection. Although spoken word can include any kind of poetry or monologue, or indeed dialogue read aloud, it is different in that how it sounds is often one of the main components.

A broad designation of written work intended for performance with the genre having its roots in oral traditions and performance.

Spoken word can encompass or contain elements of rap, hip-hop, storytelling and theatre. Characterised by rhyme, repetition, improvisation, and word play, spoken word material frequently refers to issues of social justice, politics, race, and community. 

Strong Language in intended as performed for an audience. It relies on a heavy use of rhythm, improvisation, rhymes, word play, and slang.

It is an important medium because it addresses critical thinking, democratic engagement, and empowers the voice through verse.

STRONG LANGUAGE will be a special performance event from Screenstage Studios offering actors an opportunity to engage with this powerful method of working and which will hopefully be stimulating and interesting from an audience's perspective.

We will be offering a range of new material written by Screenstage's Artistic Director and from which each piece will be mutually agreed upon and chosen for each performer. 

Brief synopses of the performance work:

THE EVENT​ (Male or Female - a spoken-word piece on life itself)​

WHEN I MET FRANKIE​ (Male or Female - a monologue on having encountered Native American Frankie and how his philosophy impacted upon him/her)​

HOOKED​ (Male and Female - one makes a statement about drug abuse, the other frankly talks about the horrors of being an addict)​

Brief synopses of the performance work contd:

EMOTIONAL CREATURE​ (Female - ​she speaks about and expresses her pleasure at being a woman)

C’EST LA VIE​ (Female - ​an urban young woman openly talks about her life in a contemporary world)

CHOICE​ (Female - ​a short but extremely powerful spoken word piece on feminism)

DANCE​ (Male and Female - ​a couple dance in each other's arms (without music) and as each faces the audience, he/she will speak on relationships)

IN UNISON (Male and Female - ​a challenging piece where one speaks, then the other, before each lip-synchs the other's voice)

LOOK AT ME​ (Male ​or Female - ​from the perspective of an older person and how others perceive him/her due to his/her age)

NO LONGER IN​ ​(Male and Female - one makes a statement about drug abuse, the other frankly talks about the horrors of being an addict)​

ME TOO​ (​Male - ​a man finally embraces the fact that he is gay and talks openly of the conflict he felt)

NOW THAT WE HAVE TASTED HOPE​ (Male​ (does not speak)​ and Female - ​the man is in a chair, silent, as his carer reads him a moving short story)

ONE DAY IT WILL ALL END​ (Male ​or Female - ​ a person makes an unusually mature and respectful statement on his/her lost love)

READ IT AND WEEP​ ​(Male - a man, who is an actor, presents a monologue on his dilemma over the death of his best friend)

RESPONSIBILITY​ (Male or Female - a pseudo-government official presents a statement on people taking responsibility​ for their actions)

SACRED TIMES​ (Female - a short monologue of a woman nostalgic for past Sunday afternoons in more idyllic times)

THE SCARS​ (Male or Female - a monologue of advice on coping with the ups and downs of an emotional life)​

TANTRUM​ (Male and Female - ​a couple have had a very physical disagreement and here is their analysis on life together)

THE DAY YOU KISSED ANOTHER GIRL​ (​Female - how a woman reacts to her partner having had a liaison with someone else}

THE LADY’S PRAYER​ (Female - a woman's resolve on how to feel about the dilemma of abortion)​

WITHOUT YOU​ (Male ​or Female - ​on life devoid of their partner)

ACTING UP​ NOW CAST (Male ​- a Liverpudlian actor lightheartedly talks about the pitfalls of the thespian profession)​