SCREENSTAGE presents LIVE DRAMA: Coming to a theatre stage in early 2020



To apply for a role:

(MALE) Detective Inspector JOHN HORNER Age 30-60: A senior officer with a London accent. Highly intelligent and a fast-thinker.

(FEMALE) Detective Sergeant RULA EVANS Age 20-35: Horner’s immediate assistant, resourceful.

(MALE) Detective Chief Inspector LIAM MCGILLVRAY Age 40-60: The team leader, irascible, forthright, dominant.

(MALE) Police Community Support Officer VINCENT GALLOWAY Age 20-35: A cocky aspirational individual who revels in his role but who carries a sinister, dark secret about his personal life.

(MALE) Crime Scene Forensic Pathologist ALICIA RODGERS Age 20-35: A highly knowledgable and skilled woman.

FEMALE) DS KAREN BROADHURST Age 20-40: A flirty policewoman but extremely adept.

(MALE) DANIEL ADAMS Age 18-25: A young man whom it transpires had been abused some years ago and who carries a serious grudge. Claims he ‘topped’ a suspected local paedophile.

(FEMALE) LISA CARMICHAEL, Solicitor Age 20-45: A female solicitor brought in as a ‘duty brief’ to assist Vincent Galloway.