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Auditioning and rehearsals beginning now - so please get in touch if you're an accomplished actor - male or female - and we'll begin work on preparing for camera with you.

SHORT CUTS: Film Shorts Showcase will be an approximately 2-hour showcase for presentation as a public screening in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Monologues, dialogue pieces and spoken-word performances are available - short synopses on the right.


FERAL MALE OR FEMALE SOLO PERFORMANCE: This is a very active and physical piece. Mercer is a fiercely intelligent young woman, highly skilled in combat and physically fit, supremely alert mentally and in possession of little or no tolerance for anything which conflicts with her views. 

MARY DORAN FEMALE SOLO PERFORMANCE: Mary is a student and part-time stand-up. This is her own slightly quirky take on contemporary life in the form of a live stand-up performance. 

TANTRUM 1 MALE 1 FEMALE: This features a couple, though clearly in love, who have a slightly quirky, borderline violent edge to their relationship.

CHUCKED FEMALE MONOLOGUE: Jools is on the phone to her ex, Liam - as she verbalises the relationship post-mortem of their break-up.

COOL FEMALE MONOLOGUE: She is addicted to her iPhone and has lost the ability to communicate in real time with real words to real people.

JUST SO YOU KNOW FEMALE MONOLOGUE: Maria thinks a lot about what makes people do things. What makes us behave in certain ways. Every night she’s been thinking about this. Trapped in whatever kind of behaviour - is it possible to break these cycles ... ?

ME TOO FEMALE MONOLOGUE: A woman was sexually abused by her parents’ friend when she was 8 years old. Many years later, she tracked the man down ...

PERSPECTIVES 1 MALE 1 FEMALE: Nick and Gilly are a couple. They stand side by side, each line-by-line giving their own respective perception on life now that they appear to be breaking up – giving the impression that they are in separate places from one another, reflecting on things. They speak one line each – until the conclusion – when they speak in harmony and face each other.

MORTAL COIL FEMALE MONOLOGUE: A woman, an eloquent atheist of indeterminate age, is terminally ill with cancer. She is seated in a wheelchair throughout the monologue, and directly addresses the audience.

BARKING ANIMATED/FEMALE VOICEOVER:  She is talking to Nathan – but can he hear? Is he listening? Or perhaps he can work out what is being communicated … why could that be?

TIME’S UP FEMALE SOLO PERFORMANCE: A woman partly in shadow is talking to another person (whom we don’t see – perhaps a police officer) as she reveals her horrific story of brutal domestic abuse - with a particularly shocking conclusion.

FIFI ASHER FEMALE SOLO PERFORMANCE: Fifi is a very forthright, cynical standup comedienne who doesn’t hold back when expressing her very personal views.

IT’S OVER Two scripts available for either male or female. This person painstakingly gathers their thoughts on why both partners must now call time on their marriage.

LES DESIRES AMOUREUX FEMALE SPOKEN WORD: A woman is passionately aroused by a man – here she vividly expresses her feelings

LOOK AT ME MALE SPOKEN WORD: An ageing gentleman expresses his dismay at how his advancing years attract patronising behaviour towards him

MY WORD MY WORLD FEMALE SPOKEN WORD: A powerful and explicit statement from a woman on the plight of life in the contemporary world

NOT AT MY AGE FEMALE MONOLOGUE: A woman is perplexed by her mother’s intervention in setting her up with a blind date, much to her chagrin

CONFINED SPACES FEMALE MONOLOGUE Confined spaces petrify this woman – and she explains in horrific detail the reasons why

BE MY FRIEND 2 MALES/1 FEMALE:  Harold is a camp very well-dressed/groomed gentleman assistant who runs “The Companion Shop”. Marjorie is a lady of very smart appearance. Edward is semi-robotic in stature, very well-dressed/groomed. He is in fact a cloned human - thus devoid of certain homo-sapiens behavioural patterns.

THE GRAVITY OF YOUR SITUATION SILENT MALE RESPONDING FACIALLY ONLY TO VOCAL-ONLY MALE MONOLOGUE A particularly brutal and forthright male voiceover humiliates the face-only male on screen.