SHARKS A planned audio drama by Thom McKeown

Owen Harris is an amoral, vengeful, violent, illegal moneylender, who preys on poverty-stricken vulnerable individuals in abject financial desperation. He pursues his odious trade with the assistance of his fiercely loyal henchmen Zero and Rushton, two individuals unencumbered by physical or sensitive frailty.

Gary Wolfstone and Brian Hayes, two local refuse collectors, become aware of Harris’ activities when talking to a local resident. Giving this some thought, Gary decides it’s time they started out on their own ‘Shylocking’ business endeavour – and to finance this venture, an approach is made directly to Owen Harris himself for the required monetary backing to finance their new enterprise. Of course, realising that they dare not tell Harris their real planned objective, they decide instead to inform their hoped-for fiscal broker that the necessary cash is needed to help them establish a chatline project. Their enthusiastic plan, however, is destined to hit more than a few bumps on their entrepreneurial road.


Owen Harris - A brutal money-lender

Claire Boyd The unwitting partner of one of Harris' arrears-ridden clients

Gary Wolfstone - A local binman and budding entrepreneur

Dora - A local resident and borrower who has fallen foul of Harris' outlandish interest rates

Brian Hayes - Gary's nervous but accommodating binman/business colleague

Rita - Gary's lover/partner who helps out with the new moneylending business project

Janice - Charlie's girlfriend, who offers Charlie her own opinions on Gary's proposed venture

Zero - One of Owen Harris' two heavies/henchmen/'business associates'

Rushton The other of Owen Harris' two heavies/henchmen/'business associates'

Charlie Lewis - Gary's best mate, who offers him some savvy, street-wise advice

Bessie - Wife of Sammy, who is indebted to Harris and is being hassled by Zero and Rushton

Sammy - Bessie's husband, at home when Zero and Rushton call by, issuing serious threats

Eric - Another client of Harris' who is about to get the intimidation treatment from Zero and Rushton

Dave - Yet another Harris client for the intimidation treatment from Zero and Rushton

Gubber - A rival of Owen Harris. There is some mutually-begrudged respect between the pair.

To apply for an audition for any of the above available parts - please send your details including full name, address, email address and mobile number along with an audio file of you reading a piece of literature of your choice - maximum 3 minutes (please also name the piece you're reading from and its author - thank you). You will be contacted as soon as possible to arrange a Zoom online audition.