Applicants for any of these roles must have genuine stage experience in a speaking role and be able to provide evidence of this.

Please also send in recent headshots, a link to your showreel and full details of your acting 
and training background together with contact information.


Detective Inspector Jack Webster is a seasoned police detective who has dealt with many dreadful crimes mainly in cases such as those involving murder, rape and serious assault. 

He is about to interview Darren Hawkins on a charge yet to be determined – although all will be revealed – including a shocking and unexpected denouement.



D.I. JACK WEBSTER: A mature police officer now of the rank of Detective Inspector who has been involved in many heinous crimes throughout his career. He is now engaged in dealing with a very serious incident and an even more odious additional series of cases to chill the heart. To this end he is about to interview main suspect Darren Hawkins.

Webster age range: 25-55

DARREN HAWKINS: A man in his 20s-late 30s - works part-time as a Nursery assistant and claims to be a Community Vigilance participant for his local area - but is he using this as a facade for criminal activities?

Hawkins age range: 22-35

LISA CARMICHAEL: A professional woman, she works in criminal defence and is brought in as Duty Solicitor to advise Darren Hawkins at his police interview with DI Webster.

Carmichael age range: 25-40

D.C. MICHAEL EVANS: A Detective Constable who assists DI Webster as and when required.

Evans age range: 20-30

Also – audio only - these will be pre-recorded for playback during the live theatre performances:

FEMALE (mature voice) A guidance role for an actress with a polite and articulate tone to her voice. Age open.

GEORGINA (early teens voice): Georgina has been sexually abused and she goes into considerable graphic detail regarding her horrific experiences.

Age: 18-25