P A L S 

Pals is a new 6-scene drama. 

Three male friends are seated at a table in the lounge area of a bar.  In consecutive scenes we see a table being used by three female friends. The scenes involving the men are over different time periods, whilst the womens' are in real time.

The Men: Charlie, Micky and Harry are in a sombre mood as they have just left the funeral service for their late friend John. Their conversations take some unexpected turns over several ensuing scenes and time frames, with devastating disclosures emerging.

The Women:  Lou, Katie and Jane, are having a drink together to discuss each other's relationship situation - and as the conversation develops, some extraordinary surprises, suggestions and shocking revelations surface between the trio.

It is planned to present this new production as both a filmed version and as a live theatre presentation to be staged later in 2022 in Glasgow and in several provincial venues.

Details on these and dates and how to buy tickets will appear here later.