If you're interested in performing one of these monologues - please tell us why - and convince us that you'd be ideal for the role. Send your CV, details on where you studied acting, a list of acting work you've completed and a link to your showreel, together with a recent head shot.



A selection of new contemporary solo pieces for performance on film by accomplished male and female actors of varying ages.

Please only apply for audition if you are genuinely talented and experienced with a definitive ability to credibly portray a character on camera.

Once completed - these monologues will be edited together as a portmanteau for submission to several forthcoming international short-film festivals.


JOOLS MINUS JEFF - A young woman whose previous relationship has ended, is surprised to receive a call from her ex, who is clearly keen on reviving things between them. She tells him over the phone, her adamant reasons why this will not be happening.

THIS MORTAL COIL - Two linked monologues. The first is 'Donald Jarvis' - a younger man, who is sadly aware of the imminent demise of his mentor as he outlines the wonderful eccentricities of 'Bertie McKendrick' - an older man, suffering from a terminal illness, and who offers the second monologue, from his wheelchair.

FERAL - This is an 'action' monologue which will require a female actor of considerable physical flair in addition to verbal accuity. Mercer is a fiercely intelligent young woman, highly skilled in combat, physically fit, supremely alert and in possession of little or no tolerance for anything or anyone that or who conflicts with her views.

GETTING BY - Jim McMenemy is an unemployed Glasgow man, who struggles to maintain some form of occupied existence by writing notes on other individuals, some of whom are/were colourful characters from within his neighbourhood.

NO LONGER IN - Mick is in a band, loves football - and has finally come to terms with the fact that he is gay. He has no interest in the camp and overtly flamboyant behaviours of other men with a similar sexual stance, and in this monologue he expresses his thoughts for the future.

THEM ZEALOTS - A hard-nosed London geezer lets rip on all things almighty - and the world's religions - all of which are getting on his proverbial wick.