THE LADY’S PRAYER​ (Female - a woman's resolve on how to feel about the dilemma of abortion)​

WITHOUT YOU​ (Male ​or Female - ​on life devoid of their partner)

FROM A WINDOW (Female – a neighbour’s observations on goings-on in the immediate vicinity of her own home’s window)

AKA (Male and Female – a couple breaking up over the man’s schizophrenic obsession)

NOCTURNE (Male and Female – the night before their wedding and a couple admit to their previous indiscretions)

RONALD AND  ME (Female monologue – Agnes sits with a cup of tea and discloses details of her very colourful life with Ronald)

JOHNNY PATERSON (Male – Paterson is a standup comedian from Maryhill Glasgow, and this is him doing a live performance of his act)

POND LIFE (Male – Shamus Gillespie is Irish, homeless, bitter, erudite and resentfully resigned to his situation. Filmed outside)

JO-JO (Two males - A studiedly calm conversation between Jo Jo- a notorious criminal hard man who has just been "born again" and his counsellor Mark]

THE FUNERAL  (Two male, one female – A funeral director sits with a lower-working class Glasgow husband and his aspirational wife at the dining table of their home. The husband has a gruff, working-class Glasgow accent. The wife has delusions of middle-class i

LIFE MATTERS is a portmanteau film feature, comprising several individual short chapters/ segments, each with a social realism context.

Subjects tackled in Life Matters: Mental illness, depression, relationship and behavioural issues, homelessness, poverty and loan-sharks, austerity, amongst others. 

If you're a fine actor, reliable and committed and are seeking a challenge in your career - apply now - and mention the chapter/s which particularly interest you.




THE EVENT​ (Male or Female - a spoken-word piece on life itself)​

WHEN I MET FRANKIE​ (Male or Female - a monologue on having encountered Native American Frankie and how his philosophy impacted upon him/her)​

HOOKED​ (Male and Female - one makes a statement about drug abuse, the other frankly talks about the horrors of being an addict)

EMOTIONAL CREATURE​ (Female - ​she speaks about and expresses her pleasure at being a woman)

C’EST LA VIE​ (Female - ​an urban young woman openly talks about her life in a contemporary world)

CHOICE​ (Female - ​a short but extremely powerful spoken word piece on feminism)

IN UNISON (Male and Female - ​a challenging piece where one speaks, then the other, before each lip-synchs the other's voice)

LOOK AT ME​ (Male ​or Female - ​from the perspective of an older person and how others perceive him/her due to his/her age)

NO LONGER IN (​Male - ​a man finally embraces the fact that he is gay and talks openly of the conflict he felt)

NOW THAT WE HAVE TASTED HOPE​ (Male​ (does not speak)​ and Female - ​the man is in a chair, silent, as his carer reads him a moving short story)

SACRED TIMES​ (Female - a short monologue of a woman nostalgic for past Sunday afternoons in more idyllic times)

TANTRUM​ (Male and Female - ​a couple have had a very physical disagreement and here is their analysis on life together)

THE DAY YOU KISSED ANOTHER GIRL​ (​Female - how a woman reacts to her partner having had a liaison with someone else}

SHARK (One male, one female - Owen Harris is a volatile and evil loan collector who preys on the vulnerable)

SOB STORY (One male, one female. Jack - A smart, good-looking guy in mid-late 20s. Loves Marianne but they broke up. Marianne - Slim, shy, intelligent. Thinks she may still be in love with Jack. They sit facing each other at a table.