To mark ten years of drama productions Screenstage Studios will be presenting ENCORE - a showcase of new and revisited material. This will tour late Spring/early Summer - and culminate at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe in August.

Some of the productions within ENCORE have already been cast. If you would like to be considered for one of the roles within any of the remaining productions as listed below, please get in touch as soon as possible to arrange an audition. 

PROCESS OF ELIMINATION (Two Male white caucasian, One Male of Asian origin all aged 20+) A skilled terrorist operative meets a special forces officer before going in to interrogate an arrested terrorist suspect.

TIME’S UP (Monologue - Male 20+ A man in a distraught state due to his highly abusive female partner talks about the intensity of his circumstances

PERCY GIVES NOTES (Monologue - Male 20+) A highly camp and flamboyantly gay director with a small provincial am-dram group offers his notes to the assembled company

ME TOO (Monologue - Female 18+) Marlena is a woman who was seriously sexually abused as a child

FINITO (Monologue - Female aged 18-35) A woman, Jools is speaking on the phone to her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend Liam. This monologue has her going over the good times with humour, regret and rancour as she spells out the reasons for ending their relationship.

IT’S OVER (Monologue - Female aged 25 upwards) A woman painstakingly gathers her thoughts on why she and her husband must now call time on their marriage.

SPIRIT (Monologue - Female ideally late teens) A young woman in a hospital waiting room talks over her experiences, as her friend undergoes a termination following the horrific experience of having been raped.

THE MAN ON THE TRAIN (Monologue - Female 20+) She has seen an attractive man whilst travelling by train, but to her eternal regret she didn’t take up the opportunity of saying hello. A short drama about failing to seize the moment.

PERSPECTIVES (One Male/One Female – 18+) A couple have broken up. They will stand side by side on stage, creating the illusion that they are in different places. With each delivering an alternate line as the comparisons emerge on how each other feels about the decision – the climax results in them facing one another and declaring their true feelings to each other.

THE PSYCHO PATH (Monologue - Male or Female max age 55) A person simultaneously addicted to drugs and sex, each of which complements or destroys the other, offers a part-rap/part-prose monologue on the dilemma

A&E (Short play) Anderson – Male, 25+ a Public Relations executive  / Edwards – Male, 18-25, Anderson’s Assistant) / Shelia – Female 25+, a hospital admin assistant / Nurse Gary – Male 18+, a very camp, gay male nurse

The waiting area of an NHS hospital Accident and Emergency Room. Anderson and Edwards run into the hospital waiting room. Anderson is holding a blood-stained towel on his head which has been injured. His shirt has a large red stain on it. As he awaits treatment, problems and delays exacerbate his frazzled temperament.