Written and Directed by Thom McKeown


Our audio subsidiary Public Address has proven to be hugely successful in terms of substantial downloads and positive feedback from Podcast listeners. 

We now plan to diversify our output to present contemporary audio drama to the many millions of enthusiasts worldwide who access these programmes.

To this end - COUPLES will be performed, edited and presented as an Arena Audio Drama Podcast through the Public Address platform on Podbean - offering the opportunity for our work and that of the acting cast to reach numerous demographics globally. 

* Thereafter, more extensive rehearsals will begin, prior to some stage performances before we move on in August to present "Couples" at the Edinburgh Fringe 2023.

If you're a talented voice actor and are interested in this project - please read on and get in touch as soon as possible - details below:

1: REPERCUSSIONS  Alice is behaving oddly as she sits staring into the middle distance. Her partner Kevin is aware that something is troubling her, so he attempts to find out what the problem is. The performances should show high physical and facial emotion from both, conveying the mutual hurt that develops.

Characters:  KEVIN  ALICE

2: GUILTY PARTY  Mark and Abi have been seeing each other for some time. This evening they’re sitting in a quiet restaurant and Mark is about to ask her to move in together and consider marriage. However, a past indiscretion is about to cloud the proceedings.

Characters:  MARK  ABI

3: BEING HONEST Steven and Kathy are seated at a table - and the conversation moves on to the emotive topic of trust between a couple.

Characters: STEVEN  KATHY

4: LOGGERHEADS Callum is a Glaswegian guy with an unreconstructed, extremely rough-round-the-edges, misogynistic attitude, who has arranged an online date with the more refined Erica.


5: OUTDATED  Gina, a schoolteacher, is awaiting the arrival of Alex, who works in the city’s financial industry, her date whom she’d contacted online. An unexpected development however, concludes their assignation.

Characters:  GINA  ALEX

6: DIZZY Lisa is alone at the table, nursing a mug of coffee. She was due to meet Gary but he's failed to appear. Lisa outpours her feelings aloud in this monologue. Eventually she gathers up her things and leaves. Shortly afterwards, Gary appears.

Characters: LISA  GARY

Auditions will be held asap, with a rehearsal schedule to follow shortly after. Please get in touch as soon as possible - thank youAll interested actors should please email their full CV with detailed acting experience and productions/directors listed, contact details, plus recent headshots and if possible a showreel link asap to: