COMING in 2019


A powerful and emotional new drama shot on digital film 

If you are an experienced actor/actress with formal training and legitimate acting experience on stage and on camera - please email your full details, a recent head shot and showreel link if available.

For the minor speaking roles as indicated * please at the very least give detailed confirmation of your formal training and any acting work you've been involved in. Also please send a headshot and any other relevant information.

Those we regard as potentially suitable will be contacted as soon as possible with an invitation to attend an audition with the writer/director and assistant director of Screenstage Studios in Glasgow. 

At this audition please be prepared to deliver a 3-5 minute monologue piece of your own choice  (off-book). You will then be asked to read a sequence provided by us.


Told in both flashback sequences and present day scenes, this is the story of the missing baby James, son of Marianne and Brian Burton. He was apparently lifted and taken from his pram in a public park, when, for just a few short moments, his mother left him unattended while she dropped some refuse in a nearby bin.

The investigating officer, then PC Jack Cordiner and now DI Cordiner has followed the case throughout the years but with no obvious culprit, nor any sign of James. That is, until a young man, following a post-club fracas, ends up injured in hospital - also with amnesia. On his person is found a christening brooch with the initials “J.B.” – similar to that which baby James had, all those years ago


NEWSREADER on television

MARIANNE BURTON (sometimes referred to as ‘Maz’): Mother of Baby James

BRIAN BURTON: Husband of Marianne, father of Baby James

P.C. and later D.I. JACK CORDINER: Investigating Police Officer

AVRIL HAWTHORN: Best friend of Marianne

YOUNG MAN: Believed to be the grown-up James


* Marianne’s MOTHER  




* MARVIN KERR (Estate Agent) 

* JILLY COOPER (Marianne’s work colleague) 

* POLICE OFFICER, Desk Sergeant

* POLICE OFFICER, Search Team Supervisor