Some time ago, Screenstage Studios presented a short run of performances of A SILENT SHORE on stage in Glasgow to appreciative sell-out audiences. The narrative showed the tragic decline in health of the protagonist Thomas Miller, an eloquent young man with unfulfilled potential, who sadly was suffering from terminal cancer. His final decision was to complete an act of selflessness before his inevitable and tragic demise, which he successfully achieved with grace and good humour.

We are now planning an extended film version of this play once the Covid-19 lockdown eases up sufficiently to allow work to begin.
If you might be interested in participating as an actor - please see below:


Thomas Miller: NOW CAST
Barney: Male, early 20s-early 30s (disillusioned with marriage to wife Kennice)
Kennice: Female, early 20s-early 30s (still loves Barney, very open and decent woman)
Stephen: Male, 20s-30s (Miller's best friend)
Jerry: Male, 20s-30s (struggling artist, slightly naive, friend of Miller and Stephen, loves Heidi)
Selena: Female, late teens-30s, (runs a wig store, befriends Miller)
Nurse Nanette McCafferty: 20s-50s (The reassuring and kind nurse who looks after Miller)
Debbie: Female, late teens-30s, (ex-girlfriend of Miller, left him due to his philandering ways)
Dr Harper: Male, 40s-60s, (Miller's doctor, specialist in Oncology)
Michael O’Hagan: 30s/40s/50s (speaker with Brahma Kumaris, a spiritual movement dedicated to personal transformation)

Vicar Alfie: 30s/40s/50s (A Christian vicar who calls in to visit Miller at home)
Mrs Robinowitz (Landlady): 30s/40s/50s (Lady of foreign extraction - Miller's landlady to whom he is in rent arrears)

Davie (Barman): Male 30s/40s/50s (Davie is the barman in Miller's local pub)
Barry Dunsmore: (voice only): Male (answerphone message voice of Barclaycard finance)
Heidi: 20s/30s Female (otherwise known as 'Long Legs' - Heidi is foreign and in love with Jerry but they have broken up)

• To apply for any of the above roles - please email your acting experience/training details, a recent head shot and if possible a link to your showreel.

• In addition, please supply a 1-2 minute video file of yourself, performing a short monologue of your choice to: