We will soon be auditioning actresses age range 18-30 for the lead role of Lucy Bennett
in a 2019 planned film version of the acclaimed stage play THE FAULT LINE.

This is an extremely demanding part as Lucy endures severe and graphic episodes of 
brutal domestic violence at the hands of her male partner. You should be tall and in peak

physical condition as the requirements may be arduous.

You will work closely with the writer/director and research will be undertaken through
support and assistance from relevant organisations such as Womens Aid, National Domestic Violence Helpline,
Women's Support Project, Assist, Say Women and Rape Crisis Scotland.

Please only apply for this part if you have genuine stage and/or film acting experience, suitable qualifications
and can tackle this role with commitment, vigour and total reliability.

Applications from persons devoid of the aforementioned will not be acknowledged so please don't waste
your time and ours by declaring your interest. Enthusiasm is fine but it can't match ability and experience.

Send your details (recent headshots, CV and showreel link) to: