To be a good actor you have to feel life and observe life

ACTING: A Comprehensive series of classes

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ACTING CLASSES - £10 per class (this includes all the offered written material and coffee/refreshments when required) and is outstanding value (as you will see if you make comparisons elsewhere). 

Tuition is given by our highly skilled, accomplished, experienced and qualified coaches (full enhanced Disclosure-accredited).

Screenstage Studios has produced over 70 acclaimed dramas in theatre and on film since 2010 across the west of Scotland, and in 2018 with a third consecutive Edinburgh Fringe presence, we presented three separate very well-received productions 'Blind Eye', 'Barbed Wire Tongue' and 'Compelled'.

True acting is the reflection of our humanity and there is nothing more organic than human beings.

Organic acting is simply listening and responding truthfully, naturally and effortlessly. Acting participants will learn to relax, listen, develop their sense of wonder, imagination and empathy. We hope to enrich the lives of those involved, both professionally and personally. Emphasis is on Acting Coaching.

From Uta Hagan, to Stanislavsky, to Strasberg to Meisner our adult classes are based in traditional theatre training, but we don’t make or advise our students to subscribe to one belief only. We believe actors should learn to take direction as this is a skill in itself. It’s about listening, while being truthful and honest.

The intimacy and truthfulness of acting for the stage is our focus. We use real and current original scripts to develop our actors. Through simple and enjoyable exercises, including relaxation, cold readings and improv – acting participants will practice real world auditions, cold reading and off book in-depth scene study. All classes are safe, supportive and will focus on the real world subtle, intimate work of auditioning and acting. Our job is to simply reflect humanity, by living truthfully under fictional circumstances. An actor projects for theatre but will adapt this for film.

Learn the difference. Some people are good at acting some people are good at auditioning – you have to be good at both. You can’t get the job unless you audition/interview for it … whatever business you’re going into. If you're an experienced actor who's been around for a while and knows the ropes but whose career seems to be going nowhere, or whatever your level of skill or experience, we can point you in the right direction.


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Introduction to Acting 
Discover the actor inside of you. By using theatre games and improvisation, students will learn basic theatre skills in a supportive and creative environment. Learn how to answer the questions all actors must ask before they even pick up a script: Who? Where? What? Why? How? This class is the first step to building a solid foundation in the art of acting. 

An Actor Prepares 
Students will work on monologues while learning how to analyse a script, identify a character's problems and solve those problems. Advanced theatre games are used to deepen basic skills. In addition, there will be further development of the actor's physical resources of voice and movement. 

Scene Study 
Explore characters and relationships on a deeper level. In this class, students will track a character's journey through a scene and learn to further articulate the essential elements of a character's objectives, obstacles, conflicts and relationships. Rehearsal with a scene partner outside of class is required. 

Building A Character (Part I) 
 Through the use of generic scenes and/or monologues, students discover how action and behaviour shape characterisation and thus learn how to create a distinct physical and emotional personality for a character. 

Building A Character (Part II) Students now apply the skills developed in Part I by working on monologues and scenes. The class will culminate in a performance to be filmed and/or live on stage to an audience.

Advanced Acting 
Students will now explore advanced material, focusing on classic playwrights and their styles. Works by playwrights such as Miller, Mamet, Chekhov, Williams, Pinter, Ionesco and Shakespeare will be used. The class will culminate in a performance which will be filmed. 

Theatre Project
Students will choose a full-length play (with the guidance of the tutor/director) as a class project and then collaborate on all aspects of a production. Extensive work on telling the story, tracking a character and understanding the playwright's point of view will be explored. This workshop is designed for advanced actors who want to keep skills sharp and gain deeper experience in developing a character and creating a play. 


Accents for Actors Students will learn the basics of Standard British, Irish, and American Southern.  First you will use the international phonetic alphabet to analyse specific vowel and consonant changes; and then focus on the placement and musicality of different dialects.  By the end of the course, students will master three accents, and train their ear to recognise and annotate dialectical differences, so as to teach themselves other accents.. 

Shakespeare This class will introduce students to the thrilling challenge of acting Shakespeare. Unlock the passions of Shakespeare's characters by cracking the secret code he left in the text. By analysing the verse structure, students will learn to "score" the copy for pace and breath. More importantly, students will begin to learn the technical foundations (voice, speech, scansion, rhetoric) all actors need to unlock the text, as well as explore the artistic depth and richness these plays provide through "letting in", personalisation, humour, and character. Culminates in students performing monologues. Come conquer your fear of the Bard, and find out why he's everyone's favourite playwright.

Speech for the Actor A must for actors interested in increasing their vocal richness and emotional range in order to maximise their individual potential. This process-based series of classes will consist of voice, speech and language. Voice includes breath and body placement, and breath support. Speech includes vowel placement, accent reduction and recognising personal patterns. Language will include work with scripts and/or poetry while learning to use language as a tool for defining character in performance and auditioning. 

Movement for the Actor Discover the tools an actor uses to create, project and maintain a character. This lively and energetic class teaches the art and techniques of using one's body on stage. The class will first focus on how to execute basic, universal human action on stage: simply, truthfully and without effort. Next you will play, explore and create content that is emotional, fantastic, comedic, absurd and above all imaginative. Finally, after developing these basic skills, you will engage in storytelling by exploring various theatrical and cinematic genres.

Students may schedule one on one coaching sessions with a director to prepare for auditions, college admissions or for special projects or needs. Please email or call for an appointment.

SPECIAL ACTING WORKSHOP (One day by arrangement)

The Business of The Acting Business 

This seminar will give you all the basic information you need to get started professionally. Learn about agents, managers, unions, resumes and headshots, plus information on commercials, film, print and theatre. 

Discover how to spot scams that want you to invest large amounts of money with no guarantees.  

This will be an invaluable aid in understanding the ins and outs of the industry.